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What are people saying about ReGen NMN?

I'm far more alert and energetic then I have been in maybe 15 years. The quality of my sleep has improved as well.

I started feeling results after day two.
Highly recommended. Amazing results!

I feel rejuvenated, like several years younger!

I'm 58 and I feel like I'm 40 again.

Great stuff! Gives me mental clarity, eradicated brain fog, and makes me a little less hungry. 

It gave my face a glow I’ve never had before and I have a boost of energy.

I’ve just turned 61 and have been taking NMN for the past 4 months. It’s comforting to know that I’m helping maintain my body on a cellular level. My mind is sharper and quicker then ever and my energy levels are off the charts.

My memory has definitely improved and I feel energized!

Feel your best today

Supports your long-term health!

NMN Ultra High Purity -Regen Biotechnology
  • Energy

    Increase energy levels so you can be at 110% with your significant other, children, and co-workers.

    Caffeine FREE.

  • Brain Performance

    Stay motivated to accomplish your goals!     

    May improve mental perfomance, memory and academic achievement.   

  • Longevity

    We know that everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle as they age. NMN may boost your longevity genes and improve your health in long term.

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A boost to your routine

Say hello to your new healthy habit.

  • Scott's routine

    Scott is up early most mornings, travels frequently, and is looking to increase his brain performance and energy.

  • Miller's routine

    Miller's couple want more quality time on this earth with their family and loved ones.  Currently, they are investing in improving their health to save on long-term healthcare costs. Plus, they have more energy on daily tasks or new adventures.

  • Lisa's routine

    Full-time mom, Lisa’s daughter keeps her busy, but she tries to work out and eat healthy most days. NMN give her more energy to accomplish her goals.

Anti-Aging research


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• 500 mg per serving

• 100% Pure NMN 

• Clean label

• Highly digestible Food

• Non-allergenic food

• No flavor & No aftertaste

• Non-GMO, Gluten FREE, Soy FREE, Lactose FREE and Sugar FREE

• Laboratory certified

• Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility

But... Is NMN supplemention for me?

Do you wake up already feeling tired?

Do you want to give your best at work and home everyday?

If you are an adult and wants to improve your wellness, energy and quality of life...

Yes, NMN is for you!

Why take NMN?

• NAD+ is a molecule present in all our cells essential for energy production and our longevity genes.

• NAD+ levels decrease more than 50% during our lifetime.

• NAD+ helps to maintain healthy mitochondrial function – an important component of healthy human aging.

• NMN may boost NAD+ levels to youthful levels again.

NMN in the Media

  • NAD+ is the closest we’ve gotten to a fountain of youth.

  • We’ve discovered a way to reverse vascular aging by boosting the presence of naturally occurring molecules in the body that augment the physiological response to exercise.

  • Here we have the potential of having a pill give the benefits of basically running for 10 miles a day without having to do that.

Scientists trust NMN!

•NMN treatment restores blood vessel growth, muscle vitality, boosts exercise endurance in aging animals (Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School)

•The latest scientific evidence confirms that the NAD + levels in our cells are key to increasing the amount of time we spend in good health. (2018, Therapeutic potential of NAD-boosting molecules: the in vivo evidence).

•Scientists identify new fuel-delivery route for cells (Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis)

•Clinical study shows that NMN can be safely administered to humans, and we can expect further development of research into the application of NMN for the prevention and treatment of age-associated diseases (Keio University School of Medicine and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, February 25, 2020)

•NMN is safe and well tolerated at the dosage used (Keio University School of Medicine and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, February 25, 2020)

Honest Guidance Guarantee Quality

We promise to be honest with you. That means we’ll always show you the result of independent lab testings and be transparent about how pure our NMN is for every batch.

  • Ultra high quality product

    Multiple labs testing are performed on every batch to double and triple check our quality 

  • Independent lab testings

    Our Pharmaceutical Grade NMN has purity readings that exceed the top standards of some testing labs

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Learn more about NMN!

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  • Highly soluble and tasteless

    Our NMN easily mixes with water or any juice.

  • Take our NMN daily with your favorite breakfast

    Start your days full of energy!

Why invest in your healthy lifespan?

• More quality time on this earth with family and loved ones

• Achieve your goals, share your knowledge and help make a difference in the world

• Saving on healthcare costs in the long run